Voice overs, Narration and Characters

Does your project need a voice?

The tasks of choosing one or various voices, negotiating rates and rights and providing an outline of desired results so that the actor can work towards a clear aim are the key areas of a recording session for voice overs, narration or characters.

However there are other tasks involved in a successful recording session such as quality control, editing audio files to hand over to the client, labelling and often compressing the recording so as to allow it to be reproduced on different hardware or used interactively, or for example, when different people are talking and exchanging dialogue on the same recording.

If you are unsure of the product you seek, do not hesitate to ask our advice. Here is a list of services that we provide which range from preproduction to production to postproduction of voice and voices for your digital product.

Recordings of:

  • Narration
  • Children’s characters
  • Youth and adult’s characters
  • Singers

Quality control (QA), available before or after the recording, including ensuring that:

  • the voice is adequately adapted to the type of recording carried out
  • the recordings are in synch with the texts
  • the narrative voice reflects the intended emotions of the text
  • the quality of the recording is the highest possible
  • the audio files have been correctly edited and labeled
  • the audio conversion has been correctly carried out

Audio post production processes

Despite the fact that a voice has been professionally recorded in a studio, when it is mixed with other audio then the recording must be treated in order to blend with the rest of the production. This postproduction process, which includes mixing and mastering audio material, is varied and depends upon the quality of the original recording, the amount of sources the material comes from and the types of audio to be integrated (voices, sound effects or music).  

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