Audio production for digital media

Give your digital product the sound of your dreams!

Although it is possible to do voice recordings and borrow music from an on-line store without editing it, this is merely a stop gap. This is usually done by digital audio content producers in the early stages of their projects.

But… why put so much emphasis on the success of our project’s visual component when even more can be achieved by experimenting with the soundtrack universe?

The choice of soundtracks, sound effects and music lingers in the background of almost everything experienced by the consumer of your goods… so, why not make the most of this opportunity to create a positive first impression?

Who doesn’t remember sound tracks to video games we played as children? Who has forgotten how much 2D or 3D products spring to life thanks to the audio?

If you have decided to take one step forward in terms of product quality, here are some of our suggestions when it comes to creating your ideal soundtrack:

  • Give flight to your imagination!
    Adding voices is obviously wonderful … but, are you going to limit yourself just to voices? Imagine how your product would be if you added background music and sound effects that had been specially produced in synch with the visuals … and perhaps even with songs!
    You do not need to convert your product into a festival of sound but you mustn’t be afraid of exploring alternatives which may even contemplate the use of silence to provide more effect to the story being told.

  • Get references from digital products that had audio which inspired you.
    References are key to both sound and music. It is the best way to transmit your ideas to the development team. Theses references could be a list of apps or games that you like; videos on You Tube, links to music libraries online or sound effects etc. Furthermore finding references helps you formalize your ideas in a clear and concise way so that your team knows what you are really after.

  • Think of audiovisuals.
    If your digital product is audiovisual or multimedia then you must be aware of the different stages involved in transmitting information. Try to avoid, for example, the overlapping of text, visuals and sound effects. Note that the visual universe is amplified by the audio beyond the scope of the screen, creating new opportunities to flesh out the story with off screen activity that can be heard but not seen.

  • Don’t underestimate what music could bring to your product!
    Humans have always expressed their emotions through music and the voice. In the audiovisual saturated world that we live in today, the music experience seems to have been relegated to second tier behind the predominantly visual world. However different studies show the importance of the musical world, especially when it comes to connecting emotions, both one’s own and others, through active listening of these works of art.
    Even if your production consists of a basic recording of one person reading a whole page verbatim, to a full blown production layered with effects created by the balance of narration and characters, sound effects and sound tracks, a musical production opens doors wide to imagination and empathy.

If you need help along the way please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to be part of your project ... a new adventure for us!

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